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The Internet is evolving beyond .com to a world of personalization for corporations, cities and entrepreneurs. If there is one constant in the digital world, it is change. Be a part of this revolution… and show the world that your online brand stands out from the crowd.

How Does the Digital Future Help You?

Your own Top-Level Domain is about more than just a name. Brands, cities, communities and individuals alike can take advantage of huge benefits for connection, recognition and revenue. See how the next evolution of the Internet could benefit you.


Increase advertising efficiency
Drive benefits to the bottom line
Increased security
Join the global elite


Help your community go online
Drive new revenue
Promote your city’s brand globally
Foster digital innovation


Significant revenue opportunity
Own a slice of the Internet forever
Apply for .anything


Apply for .yourname and own it forever
Drive unique promotional opportunities
Create your online legacy

It’s Already Happening

Below are just a few digital innovations that have already been registered; check them out and be inspired to get yours today:

Corporate .brand TLDs

.google screenshot
.bmw screenshot
.apple screenshot

City Governments




TLD Timeline

In the grand scheme of things, the Internet is still pretty young. But in its short history, it’s already gone through a lot of change. Check out how we got to this exciting stage of the Internet’s evolution.

Initial 3 Generic TLDs

.com, .org, .net

Country Code TLDs

300 country codes TLDs

Internet Boom
Sponsored Round

.aero, .travel, .museum

Hard to Find the Domain You Want
Round 1

Approx. 1200 new .anything web extensions start going online

Frequently Asked Questions

Have more questions? We’re not surprised, revolutions can be a confusing time. Here’s a few things that might help.

Has this been done before?

Yes, in 2012 there was an initial offering of web extensions (known as Top-Level Domains), and over 1,200 new .somethings have already joined the internet.

Who else has one?

There are over 1,200 new TLDs spread across three broad categories; corporate TLDs such as .apple, .bmw and .nfl; city specific TLDs such as .dubai, .barcelona and .capetown; and entrepreneurial TLDs such as .art, .bet & .cafe.

Who allocates TLDs?

TLDs are granted under the authority of the Internet Corporate for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the global regulator of the Internet. ICANN is a completely independent, multi-stakeholder lead, non-profit entity based in California, USA.

How much do they cost?

While application fees in the next round are expected to be lower than the previous round, the best guidance available is previous pricing which was an application fee of USD185,000. You'll need to factor in other costs like someone to help you to prepare your application and run the technology you'll need to operate it (yes, that's where we come in!)

What do I do next?

The first step is to indicate your non-binding interest in securing your own part of the digital future in the submission box on this website. Then we'll get in touch when the application process becomes clearer to help you with everything you need to do to prepare.

Where can I find out more?

If you have further questions, you can speak to a representative by contacting us.

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